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About Us
In 1977, Ellison, the parent company of Sizzix, invented the first consumer hand-operated die-cutting machine to cut a wide variety of materials.  Ellison Europe Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ellison Educational Equipment, Inc., and operate from it’s base in Wrexham, North East Wales. This multi-lingual centre bring the exciting potential of Sizzix products to audiences in Europe, Oceania, Asia and beyond.
At Sizzix we empower each and every creative personality to explore their artistic potential through our numerous die-cutting and embossing machines and thousands of inspiring designs. From papercrafting to quilting and upcycling to home décor, we give people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to explore multiple creative pursuits and learn a new skill for life that they can share with loved ones.
We love hearing how early creative experiences have shaped the lifestyles of people today. Whether it is some simple sewing, Christmas cards or a party invitation created as a child, it is these fond memories that entice people to get involved throughout the different stages of their life. From the enthusiastic young professional who is experimenting to find their craft, to the parents and grandparents who love creating memories with their own children, Sizzix has a place in every creative home.

For more information about Ellison, please visit our Corporate Website.

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